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Recent Publications From The Group


Salek, K. & Euston, S. R.,  (2019). Sustainable microbial biosurfactants and bioemulsifiers for commercial exploitation, Process Biochemistry, in press.

Lonchamp, J., Akintoye, M., Clegg, P.S. and Euston, S.R. (2019). Mixtures of egg white and extract from the Quorn fermentation co-product as functional ingredients. Submitted to  Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies.

Dalkas, G. and Euston, S.R. (2019). Modelling and computer simulation approaches to understand and predict food structure development: Structuring by gelation and self-association of biomolecules. In Handbook of Food Structure Development; Food Chemistry, Function and Analysis, (Spyropoulos, F., Lazidis, A. & Norton, I. Eds), Royal Society of Chemistry, London, in press.

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Alghamdi, H.A., Campbell, L.J.  & Euston, S.R. (2019). Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Adsorption of Mung Bean Defensin VrD1 to a Phospholipid Bilayer. Food Structure, 21, 100117 .

Lonchamp, J., Clegg, P.S. and Euston, S.R. (2019). Foaming, emulsifying and rheological properties of extracts from a co-product of the Quorn fermentation process. European Food Research and Technology, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00217-019-03287-z.

Green, N., Euston S.R. and Rousseau, D. (2019). Interfacial Ordering of Tristearin Induced by Glycerol Monooleate and PGPR: A Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Study. Colloids and Surface B., 107, 107-113.

Campbell, L., Euston, S.R. and Ahmed, M.A., (2019). Effect of Addition of Thermally Modified Cowpea Protein on Sensory Acceptability and Textural Properties of Wheat Bread. In Flour and Breads and their Fortification in Health and Disease Prevention (pp. 199-209). Academic Press.

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For a complete list of publications check out Steve’s Google Scholar profile and Heriot-Watt publication database entries, and Lydia’s Heriot-Watt publication database entry.