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We have a PhD Scholarship available to start in September 2021. Please note that this scholarship is only open to UK applicants and for students who meet residency requirements set out by EPSRC (eligibility requirements can be checked here). Applications from prospective students who reside outside of the UK will not be accepted.

Project Title: Deep Eutectic Solvent and Supercritical Fluid Extraction of High Value Chemicals from Agri-Food Waste         

Project description details: Green waste from agricultural production (e.g. potato haulms, tomato vines) are a rich source of bioactive secondary metabolites with exploitation potential. However, extracting them is difficult due to the complex structure of the plant matrix. In collaboration with the James Hutton Institute in Dundee (Prof Derek Stewart), the student will explore the suitability of two emerging extraction methods, deep eutectic solvents and supercritical fluid extraction for recovering high value chemicals from plant waste.

Supervisor: Professor Steve Euston

Further Information and informal enquiries can be made to Prof Euston

Email: S.R.Euston@@hw.ac.uk

Further Details on how to apply can be found on Findaphd.com by following the link here.


Self funded students who are interested in researching for a PhD within the group are encouraged to contact either Lydia, Steve or Derek to discuss this.